About me

Who I am and what I do

So I ran out of spare decking wood and we had all the planters we could possibly need (and then some). We aren’t very good gardeners anyway, it has to be said. I made some masks out of the Ramones influenced leopard print material that Viki designed and then discovered a local fabric shop, so made a few more. (Man can not live by leopard print alone. Apparently.)

I was so bored, that I actually read the instruction manual on the old Brother sewing machine that I inherited from Viki’s mum. So I made some cushion covers out of leopard, tiger and zebra material – because you can never have enough animal print. Or cushions.

And then I made some tartan trousers. And then another pair… and it all sort of took off from there. I created patterns from clothes that were well-loved, but well-worn.

I started working with different materials and channelling my inner seamstress, I turn my hand to anything that takes my fancy: trousers, sweatpants,  jackets, sweaters, face masks, cushion covers, guitar cases, cycling bags… basically, I’ll attempt to make anything. I’m open to suggestions and ideas, so get in touch via my Instagram, TheKhaosKitty, where I share my work more often than Viki updates this website.